Ever seen a £100bn U-Turn?? I have…

When George Osborne had the lightbulb idea of  introducing an Autumn statement instead of Gordon Brown’s pre-Budget Report he must have been envisaging himself leading a song and dance up the wave of UK economic recovery skipping hand-in-hand with David Cameron and his fellow Coalition buddies. The reality however is a lot starker and there were very few smiles during the session in Parliament especially from the yellow and blue side.


This is not a good week to be part of the “I love George Osborne Fan Club” (if there ever was a good time). Tories everywhere must now be questioning the very loyalty they placed in George Osborne and his ruthless economic policies which I can only describe as a “lets put everything on red” strategy (I mean how else do you explain not having a plan B?!!). Even the staunchest of Tories must now be wondering whether they should really have been seduced by the Chancellor’s hard-line attitude to slashing cuts like a hard-core samurai on speed. I understand why he commanded so much support though.

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